Meet Gulnara.

I love people in love.

Photography is the passion of my life for almost 30 years.
Every wedding is unique, I love the diversity of different cultures and traditions coming together. Being surrounded by love and happiness energizes me to create kick-ass photos that are both fabulous and timeless. Nothing makes me happier than delivering an incredible image collection full of exciting moments and fabulous portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

Fabulous facts about me:

I was born in Russia and I moved to NYC in 1992.I heart New York!! I love to laugh and I strive to live a healthy life. I have 2 hilarious cats named Zippy and Moosya adopted from Save Kitty Foundation. I studied at the International School of Photography and I worked at the Associated Press for almost 9 years. I’ve been on the History Channel. So I’m kind of a big deal.;)My all time favorite movie is “Once upon a time in America” My all time favorite band is the Rolling Stones. To keep my photography passion going I travel around the world to document people in their surroundings. You can view some of the photos at

New York Wedding Photographer Gulnara

Paul O’Reilly ( left) and Gulnara ( right)

New York Wedding Photographer Gulnara2

At Spenser and Shane’s wedding drinking apple cider.

Gulnara Best Wedding Photographer NYC

During Marie and Nate’s portrait shoot in Tribeca.

During Adena and Yedidya portrait shoot.

I will climb the tree to get the shot!!

Photojournalism Wedding Photographer